Guest Post – Your pal, The Drone.

Advertising and marketing in the fashion industry is a very expensive and extensive process. Whether for high-end or catalogue styles, there is most always a need for advertising campaigns. Wanelo features thousands of different clothing lines on their app for online consumers to purchase for their closet. This opens doors for all of these advertising campaign managers to come in and take advantage of the potential ad space.

My blog features the capabilities of the DJI Go aerial videography fleet and the extensive editing app DJI Go. This fleet of drones include commercial and professional devices that are used for multiple different uses, including marketing campaigns.  The app is directly linked to the immediate playback of the flight and has the capability to edit and share the footage moments after it is filmed.

Wanelo and DJI could possibly have something going on here.

Aerial footage has become the newest trend in film, television, and specifically viral videos. DJI Go has the ability to work with Wanelo and the fashion clients to create specific videos for their advertising campaigns.  This type of footage could potentially attract more customers to the brand because of their unique adverstising strategy.

Great plan? I think so.

Your pal,

The Drone