Poshmark: Plain and Simple

PoshMark is a shopping app that allows you to buy other people’s posted closet items, or sell your own no longer desired items.  It’s almost like a virtual garage sale.

PoshMark’s process is quite simple when it comes to buying and selling.  If you are a seller, all you need to do is create a “cover shot” of your item.  A cover shot is what PoshMark calls an attractive, possibly filtered, image of your item.  This image is what buyers are going to see when they’re shopping. When you have sold your product, PoshMark will give you a shipping label to the address of your buyer, and all you have to do, is stick it on your package and mail it.

Poshmark is one of the most similar applications to Wanelo.


How PoshMark is different from Wanelo?

  1. The products sold are used items from consumer to consumer. If you are a seller you can make a business out of it .
  2. PoshMark pays for shipping from one consumer to another.
  3. You don’t always know if brand name items are truly authentic, since you’re not buying directly from the brand.

How PoshMark is similar to Wanelo:

  1. You’re able to search multiple products and brands on one platform
  2. People can post about inspired clothing and interact with any user of the app. This creates a social community environment.