Powerful Pinterest?

Pinterest. The hub for….. anything possible. A competitor across the board, Pinterest is a web and mobile application that operates a photo sharing website. It is accompanied by links to website where you can buy, research, or see where the picture came from. By February 2013, Pinterest had around 70 million users worldwide. Pinterest now chargers advertisers to post their advertisements on their platform.According to a study by Converto, in April 2012, Pinterest drove more social media-originated e-commerce sales than Facebook or Twitter. In 2015, Pinterest made a major move and added a “Buy” button to the pages.

To accurately describe Pinterest as a competitor, I constructed a SWOT Analysis to compare it to Wanelo.




  • Reaches a wide range of users
  • Boards can be made to suit everyone’s likes and needs. For this reason, the site appeals to folks with a wide variety of interests.
  • Innovative environment: Pinterest offers its users unique products and where they are available.
  • Loyal fan base


  • Considered a site for women, whereas other sites are more popular with both genders.
  • Anyone has the liberty to post ANYTHING, so your searches can be filled with spam.
  • There are no paid advertisements on Pinterest, business do not agree with this.


  • Pinterest is growing and expanding their business, reaching a larger audience.
  • Because the Pinterest login is through Facebook or twitter, many times, users have their accounts linked together, expanding the Pinterest business even more because content is now appearing on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook pages.


  • Some pins are scams or spam. This threatens the reputation and credibility of the site.
  • Business promotion on Pinterest can be difficult due to copycats trying to scam their products.

Compared to Wanelo, Pinterest totally overpowers it, as well as, several other similar apps. It’s a great application and ever growing.