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Advertising and marketing in the fashion industry is a very expensive and extensive process. Whether for high-end or catalogue styles, there is most always a need for advertising campaigns. Wanelo features thousands of different clothing lines on their app for online consumers to purchase for their closet. This opens doors for all of these advertising campaign managers to come in and take advantage of the potential ad space.

My blog features the capabilities of the DJI Go aerial videography fleet and the extensive editing app DJI Go. This fleet of drones include commercial and professional devices that are used for multiple different uses, including marketing campaigns.  The app is directly linked to the immediate playback of the flight and has the capability to edit and share the footage moments after it is filmed.

Wanelo and DJI could possibly have something going on here.

Aerial footage has become the newest trend in film, television, and specifically viral videos. DJI Go has the ability to work with Wanelo and the fashion clients to create specific videos for their advertising campaigns.  This type of footage could potentially attract more customers to the brand because of their unique adverstising strategy.

Great plan? I think so.

Your pal,

The Drone



Who is using Wanelo?


Who is using Wanelo?

The majority of users were located in the United States.

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 7.44.11 PM


Per my research collected by Wanelo, 90% of the users use their phones to access the app. This goes to show that there is a change in the way consumers shop. Using a mobile phone to access the internet is easier and more convenient than going online on a desktop.The primary users for Wanelo app are females, they make up 90% while the males make up only 10%.

Even though the shopping platform attracts different kinds of people, they are not targeting any specific demographic at this time.  Rather they are focused on building a platform for shopping that is open-ended and powerful enough for anyone to use.

Poshmark: Plain and Simple

PoshMark is a shopping app that allows you to buy other people’s posted closet items, or sell your own no longer desired items.  It’s almost like a virtual garage sale.

PoshMark’s process is quite simple when it comes to buying and selling.  If you are a seller, all you need to do is create a “cover shot” of your item.  A cover shot is what PoshMark calls an attractive, possibly filtered, image of your item.  This image is what buyers are going to see when they’re shopping. When you have sold your product, PoshMark will give you a shipping label to the address of your buyer, and all you have to do, is stick it on your package and mail it.

Poshmark is one of the most similar applications to Wanelo.


How PoshMark is different from Wanelo?

  1. The products sold are used items from consumer to consumer. If you are a seller you can make a business out of it .
  2. PoshMark pays for shipping from one consumer to another.
  3. You don’t always know if brand name items are truly authentic, since you’re not buying directly from the brand.

How PoshMark is similar to Wanelo:

  1. You’re able to search multiple products and brands on one platform
  2. People can post about inspired clothing and interact with any user of the app. This creates a social community environment.


Powerful Pinterest?

Pinterest. The hub for….. anything possible. A competitor across the board, Pinterest is a web and mobile application that operates a photo sharing website. It is accompanied by links to website where you can buy, research, or see where the picture came from. By February 2013, Pinterest had around 70 million users worldwide. Pinterest now chargers advertisers to post their advertisements on their platform.According to a study by Converto, in April 2012, Pinterest drove more social media-originated e-commerce sales than Facebook or Twitter. In 2015, Pinterest made a major move and added a “Buy” button to the pages.

To accurately describe Pinterest as a competitor, I constructed a SWOT Analysis to compare it to Wanelo.




  • Reaches a wide range of users
  • Boards can be made to suit everyone’s likes and needs. For this reason, the site appeals to folks with a wide variety of interests.
  • Innovative environment: Pinterest offers its users unique products and where they are available.
  • Loyal fan base


  • Considered a site for women, whereas other sites are more popular with both genders.
  • Anyone has the liberty to post ANYTHING, so your searches can be filled with spam.
  • There are no paid advertisements on Pinterest, business do not agree with this.


  • Pinterest is growing and expanding their business, reaching a larger audience.
  • Because the Pinterest login is through Facebook or twitter, many times, users have their accounts linked together, expanding the Pinterest business even more because content is now appearing on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook pages.


  • Some pins are scams or spam. This threatens the reputation and credibility of the site.
  • Business promotion on Pinterest can be difficult due to copycats trying to scam their products.

Compared to Wanelo, Pinterest totally overpowers it, as well as, several other similar apps. It’s a great application and ever growing.

What’s all the “Hype”about?

Is online shopping the new trend? For the first time, consumers are referring to the web for most of their purchases. According to  Fortune, shoppers now make 51% of their purchases online. Why online shop? Convenience, variety, crowd avoidance (Thank goodness!), discreet purchasing, fewer expenses, the list goes on. With so many options to shop on the web, produces have to be precise and careful about how they market their applications, websites, and online stores. Competition can sweep in in a blink of an eye and take the reigns.

Is Wanelo capable of sweeping the competition and becoming an app that the world will see as a game changer for the online community? Let us analyze.

Wanelo was founded in 2010 by CEO Deena Varshvaskaya, when she grew tired of shopping in mainstream malls due to lack of uniqueness. Wanelo currently has about 10 registered users, an average of 200 product saves per second with users spending an average of 50 minutes of the day on Wanelo. wanelo

You all marketing gurus are probably familiar with “The Gartner Hype Scale”, which gives you a sense/view of how the new technology will potentially evolve over time. Is Wanelo a promising emerging technology?

When Wanelo first started, it was in the technology trigger phase- a new mobile shopping app that had the option to shop around the world with a click of a button. It gives retailers, marketers, old and new, a chance to expand their brand awareness to millions of registered users. Retailers host contests and giveaways, on Wanelo to market their brand.

As Wanelo continues to grow, they noticed that they needed to introduce an easier and more agile way of using the platform. Too much information can cause an overload for consumers and they would rather visit another platform than try to figure out a way of using the existing one. Wanelo went through the Peak of Inflated Expectations during this time. According to Business Insider, once they adjusted their platform, they saw a drastic increase in traffic from “1 million to 11 million users”, from 2013-2015.

Wanelo has failed to update their registered usage amount as of 2014, still showing 11 million. I would categorize it to be mildly submerged in the Trough of Disillusionment phase of the Gartner Hype Scale. So many new online shopping malls, apps, and technology have emerged that Wanelo has become one of the many thrown into the pile. Success will only continue if Wanelo modifies their application by introducing some kind of innovation that others do not have. There is potential for Wanelo to become a strong competitor, like the popular Pinterest, and begin to emerge into the Slope of Enlightenment, where the enterprise can be crystallized and become more wildly understood.

What in ‘wah-nee-loh’?

To all my fashionistas and bloggers, give this article a read and submerge yourself in this “digital mall”! Throughout the week, I will be blogging about this up and coming application that brings the world’s shopping and stores together under one platform. Check it out and let me know what you think!

P.S Wanelo has a Youtube channel where real Wanelo users video blog about their experiences. Check out the video below:


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